Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another knitting "first"

Remember this tank top from last year?


I never wore it. In fact, I tried to wear it this morning - it fits, but it fits all wrong. It's just a tad too long, so it bunches up around my waist and hits at that awkward spot on my hips making them look ginormous. I love my hips, but I love them just the way they are, I don't need them to be bigger. It also requires layering, and I am not a layering girl. The extent of my layering is putting a cardigan over a dress shirt. There is also no waist shaping, so one of my best features (if I may so myself) gets lost under this top. Thus...


The yarn (Elsebeth Lavold's Bamboucle) is lovely, and I might make a cardigan some time; an object I might actually wear. It's time to come to terms with my fashion "style" and accept the fact that I will never wear knitted summer tops.

There are a few other items I am not entirely happy about and I've been contemplating a frogging and reusing of yarn: Tangled Yoke (the buttons gape and the yarn is completely wrong for the project) and Cable-Down Raglan. I've been very blah about the latter and frankly I don't see why it's such a popular pattern - it doesn't fit well and the cables are wonky.

My one worry as I get older is that I will become too set in my ways, too confident in my choices and tastes. This might be a step in that direction, or might be just something that needed to be done. A sort of knitterly growing up.

The "first" part refers to the fact that I've never frogged a finished object before. Taking stuff apart is more difficult in some ways: I'm pretty good at weaving in ends, for example, so good that they can be hard to find. At the same time, it took less than an hour to turn the top into yarn, much less time than in the other direction.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Text will follow.