Saturday, May 10, 2008

A beautiful thing


There was a neighborhood fair adjacent to the farmer's market today, so I stopped by to look at volunteer opportunities (tree planting next Thursday!) and to look at stuff in general. And here was this table with gorgeous crochet shawls - fingering weight alpaca, made in Bolivia by a women's coop. $10 for a shawl, who could resist? I told the lady that they should sell their wares for more, and she said they are already selling them for more than the suggested price! Anyway, it really is alpaca (I think I can tell by now, and there are a few guard hairs sticking out here and there), it's expertly crocheted and it's a good size to wrap around on a winter day:


And what is that crazy-looking piece on my messy couch? Let's take a closer look:


Yes, it's the unmistakable Crosspatch vest, but something magic has happened to this vest:


I finished the intarsia knitting!!!! Off to do a happy dance now.