Sunday, July 1, 2007

And so it begins

After waiting so anxiously for the first Mystery Stole clue to be posted on Friday morning, I took my time to finish the knitting of the first clue. Row 100 was done tonight, and here is a mediocre picture; the tiny glowing thingies are the beads I am using.

I think the light and the color of my bedsheet make the shawl look nicer, but I have to admit this will be a gorgeous design. Check out the edge:

The construction is also going to be very interesting. I am already very much in love. (which reminds me, must put in lifeline before I forget!)

I am also in love with lace these days. I realized that besides socks, I don't wear my knitted items that much - but I would like to wear more shawls when the weather is less sticky. There is also the issue of gauge, cost, beauty... Conclusion: I will focus on beautiful lace from now on. I've just bought a copy of "Best of Knitter's: Shawls and Scarves" or something like that - a collection of great lace shawls with great instructions for designing your own, as well as explanations and modern interpretations of traditional constructions. Together with "Victorian Lace", I think I have enough lace shawl patterns for the rest of my life!