Monday, July 30, 2007

In love

I am in love with the special issue of Vogue Knitting. Initially I bought the magazine because it was shiny and had interviews with big, big knitting legends. However, the patterns are also amazing! They are luxurious, extravagant, luscious... When I read IK, I think "this is so clever, I'd love to make that". When I read VK, I think "must have this, NOW!".

Case in point: the red lace pieces. Do I really need a cardigan with shawl fronts? Who cares, I love it! How about a deep red lace dress? Why not. I'll wear it around the house, just to feel glamorous.

I do have to admit, though, that modular knitting will always be fugly. Why, why, why would anyone want koigu pants? Seriously, why? Oh, I know: to use up all those puppy-poo colors (while I like some koigu colors, I do not like ALL their color combos).

On a different note, I am making good progress on the Arctic Lace shawl: I've just finished the 5th pattern repeat and am about to start the 6th (and last!! hurray!!) repeat. Given that it took me more than two months to make 2 pattern repeats, I am hoping that the shawl will be done by Thanksgiving.

Pictures? Why, it's just knitted lace - it doesn't look like anything until it's blocked.