Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fancy sweater photos

I seem to be the first person on the internets making this sweater, if you don't count the one other project on ravelry; but the other person doesn't have any photos up and no details, so it doesn't quite count, does it?

Jennifer Lindsay's "Shetland Fern" from "The Natural Knitter" book, in the original yarns and colors:

Such a well-written pattern, with lots of thoughtful details (like knit rows before color changes in ribbing, thus avoiding purl blips) and a gorgeous, never-gets-boring chart. There are a couple of printing errors in the charts, but they are very easy to spot, as the charts should have a vertical line of symmetry. I cannot rave enough about how beautiful this fabric is, even in its squished unblocked state:

The collar is an exercise in wrong-side fair-isle ribbing, since it repeats the pattern at the lower edge but it worked flat: you wouldn't want to have a steek at the edge of your collar... Very distinctive and not as difficult as it seems.

This leaves the sleeves, my nemesis. I hate making sleeves, especially in the round and attached to a sweater. You need to move the entire sweater around and around... not a very zen-inducing process. I have an entire gansey that is almost finished except for half of the sleeves - maybe I should tackle that next.