Thursday, July 24, 2008

The ugly duckling

Lochinver is turning into one of the loveliest sweaters I've ever made. This is not difficult, as I haven't made very many sweaters so far. However, I didn't have high hopes for this one: it's rather boxy and the smallest size was too big for me. Having lots of horizontal patterned bands clearly wasn't going to help with the body-conscious fit. Frankly, the only reason I started this is that I had the amazing Frangipani yarn in my stash and I wanted to make a sweater from Fishermen's Sweaters. Lochinver was the only pattern I thought would go with the yarn.


The knit-and-purl patterns are easy to memorize but very pretty, especially together like that. Also, my gauge is so far off the mark that this sweater will fit me very nicely! Maybe I should add "gauge tighter than Alice Starmore" to my list of accomplishments.