Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Sometimes life gets in the way of knitting, or knitting gets in the way of life. We had three house guests last week. Together with packing and with a first week of teaching an intensive course, this meant that precious little got done.

I am still working on the spider web shawl; the tencel is still pretty, and the shawl won't be as small as I feared it would be (my needles are 3 sizes smaller than the recommended sizes, and my yarn is finer). Very slowly I am also working on the Arctic Diamonds stole. I've found however that it is very difficult to work with yarn in the heat; it sticks to my hands, and feels unpleasantly warm (duh!).

And since one red lacy project and one reddish-pink lacy project are not enough, I've cast on for a pink lacy project! I woke up on Sunday morning with a vision for the hand-dyed hemp yarn I bought at MD Sheep and Wool. It will be a lacy and racy camisole, with empire waist. Stockinette above the waist, lace under the waist. I am using the Oriel lace pattern from IK Spring '07, and I think it will look good in the crunchy hemp yarn. Other than the lace chart, everything else is of my own design. I hope it turns out allright, or at least sexy...