Saturday, June 2, 2007

New socks, and a story

Because it's been a while, because you can never have too many pairs of socks, and because they are small and they go so fast (after all the lace): a new pair of socks.

This is the beginning of Meida's socks by Nancy Bush, in Favorite socks. The yarn is Koigu, and I think the colors are subdued enough that they don't obscure this beautiful pattern. It's been a fun knit so far.

The story? I'll write it after I go to the market, and water the garden, and exercise the dog. I love summer weekends.

The Story

It's not even that big of a story. Perhaps it just stems from my sense of insecurity, or from the fact that yarn stores are the only stores where I feel that they are doing me a favor by letting me browse their store (instead of the other way around). Anyway, I wanted to pick up a copy of "Piecework" the other day, from the closest yarn store. The store was not particularly busy, except for a family - daughter, mother and grandmother - who were all fussing about the daughter's knitting project. All staff members were also fussing about this project (a piece of ugly knitting, for all I could tell). I picked up my magazine, set it down next to my bag, and wondered around the store some more. Well, gosh, I guess I was in the way, since the family moved my stuff. I also seemed to be in the staff's way, and there was not a chance I was going to get a word in, like "what kind of yarn is this?" or "can I have this magazine?" or "do you have bla-bla yarn?". I appreciate not being chased around by an employee trying to sell me stuff, but I also appreciate being able to talk to someone if I have questions.

I'm probably being too sensitive, but screw this - I am a customer, and yarn is expensive if you buy it from a store. I can get my stuff in other places, especially since there is another yarn store 5 blocks away (and I'm on a bike). I left the magazine in whatever place the family had set it, picked up my stuff and went shopping at the other yarn store. Unfortunately, they do not carry "PieceWork", so I got the blue Koigu sock yarn and a discounted copy of "America Knits".

Will I go back to the other yarn store? They can be very nice sometimes, rude at other times, and kind of clique-y in between. Maybe I'll subscribe to the magazine, so I don't have to go there much.

On a different note...

I have way too many works in progress. Must finish something, or else I'll never finish any of it.