Tuesday, June 5, 2007

3 rows

That's my achievement for the night, on the half-hexagon spider web shawl from Victorian Lace Today.

The shawl starts at the neck with 9 stitches and you increase 6 stitches on every right side row; for simplicity, assume you increase 3 stitches every row. If r_0 = 9 and r_n is the number of stitches you have after knitting n rows (in this simplified model) then r_n = 9 + 3(n-1) = 3n + 6.

Unfortunately I've packed the book with the overall instructions; I am working on the Barege pattern and there is no way I would finish it before moving. But let's make a few guesses:

- the first chart has roughly 100 stitches -> 306 stitches after chart A.
- the second chart is narrow, only 17 rows, so after knitting it you have 357 stitches.
- the barege chart, auch. The first time you knit it you do 14 rows (that's 399 stitches), and then you do 4 more repeats of 12 rows each. These 48 final rows add an extra 144 stitches, so by the last row of the last Barege chart you have... 543 stitches on your needles!

Now, I am not quite there yet. I've just finished the second of the 4 repeats, so subtract 24 rows times 3 stitches... I must have around 471 stitches on my needles right now. I say "around" because there might be mistakes, dropped stitches (subtract one for each), extra random stitches (add one for each).

In any case, the shawl is an enjoyable knit, especially after you learn how to fix your mistakes (damn slippery yarn!). I found one mistake in chart B - but of course I cannot write down what it is, since the book is packed. I think there needs to be an extra yarn over on one of the rows, or something like that.

No pics today. The camera is packed or something.

Gauss would have been so proud of my math. It might be the most meaningful math I've done all week.