Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Me so cool

I finished the spider web shawl. Or rather, finished making the spider web shawl. Blocking looks like such a pain, and I absolutely MUST get wires. There is no way I will stick a million pins to hold the edge of this thing.

The "thing" still looks like crumpled lace, so there's no reason to take new pictures. It does drape nicely, though, and will be a good size shawl. Not as big as the ones in the book, but huge shawls tend to be impractical.

I am also working away on the Ute socks, progressing at the amazing pace of 8 rows per evening. I am itching to start something easy and portable and mindless (hello Meida socks, why did I finish you so quickly? I'd start another pair if it wasn't so against my principles). Maybe toe-up socks for J? I have a skein of Colinette Jitterbug with his name on it.

Mystery Stole first clue will be posted on Friday. I can't wait. I think I've become addicted to lace.