Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Camera, internet, action

I am such a geek. A week without internet at home was not fun. What am I going to do if civilization ends?

Here is the beginning of an Ute sock:

The yarn is Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, in ash, scarlet, beet red and plumberry. It looks like grape, the color suggested in the pattern instead of plumberry, has been discontinued. Plumberry seems a little too dark, but the socks don't look bad at all. I'm up to the heel flap, which will be knitted entirely in plumberry. Overall a great knit.

I've also joined Mystery Stole 3, and I will try to use the Welsh wool I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool this year. Now, the mystery stole requires about 1200 yards of laceweight yarn. The Welsh wool, being Welsh, is measured in grams, so I know that I have 300 grams of laceweight wool. What does that mean in yards? I counted the number of loops in one skein (213), measured one typical loop, assumed the typical loop is the average loop, and came up with 402 yards in every skein. Since I have 3 skeins, that gives roughly 1206 yards of yarn.

Would you start a mystery stole with only 6 extra yards of yarn? And how good is my approximation anyway? There's only one way to find out: the mystery stole will now be a double mystery. What will it look like? And will I have enough yarn?

Whether it will be enough or not, the yarn is pretty. It's a 2-ply pure wool, in a natural color, and it's almost golden. The lady that sold it to me said it came from her small flock of sheep; the operation is so small they don't even have a website. Every sheep had a name and was dearly loved. The yarn itself is a little rough, a little rustic, but the sample shawls they had were divine.