Monday, February 11, 2008

And then it hit me...

I was sitting in the most comfortable papason in the house, churning away at the poetry mittens (they are almost finished! I love my life of leisure) when it hit me: I hate doing intarsia. I've done less than two rows of blocks on the Crosspatch vest and I already hate this project. So not only will it be the brightest object in the universe (and thus unwearable by the newly employed me) but I also hate the process.

The problem is, I've spend way too much money on this damn vest! If I could unravel it and return the yarns, I would; however, I've already chopped them up into little pieces for those stupid intarsia patches and I doubt the store will take back yarn in little pieces.

Together with the realization, though, came a most brilliant thought (if I may say so myself): I will do a deconstructed Kaffe Fassett Crosspatch. If the little lines give me trouble, then the lines have to go! Gradually, of course. Stay tuned as the massacre of this pattern continues.