Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Excitement on small needles

Here are the two projects on small needles that I started last week, in the hope that having more things on the needles will somehow make the knitting go faster:

Austrian-patterned knee socks - will take forever

Swedish Heart Warmer Shawl - will be huge

Since casting on, I've had an adventure trip to New Haven; met Sunflowerfairy (hi!!) and her group of friendly knitters, who told me all about New Haven and crazy neighbors. I stayed in the second plushest hotel I've ever been in (it's hard to beat the Pasadena Ritz, but the Omni at Yale was quite nice, and I think the room was bigger than my bedroom at home), I spent an exhausting day visiting one of the oldest educational institutions in the US (founded 1660!) and received a job offer from said institution. Turned down another job offer, did two other interviews (boring consulting company and interesting Microsoft ), agonized over my life choices (again), watched TV and spent an afternoon in bed.

It's snowing today, and it's slushy, and I had a great afternoon listening to NPR and working on the Jade sweater. I haven't blogged much about Jade - it's a fairly straightforward sweater with lace sleeves and nice waist shaping. I love Elsebeth Lavold's designs and her yarns, and this sweater is a classic Lavold: clean lines and a few genius patterning details. I fussed with the construction: knitted the body in the round, shaped the shoulders with short rows and did a 3-needle bind-off. Details make a difference, and I think this will be a nice sweater. Sorry, no picture - it's already dark outside.