Thursday, February 7, 2008

Because one color project is not enough

One must have stranded knitting in one's life:

Poetry mittens from the current PieceWork magazine. I'm being unoriginal and knitting these in the original yarn, with the original poem. Awesome pattern, and extremely addictive.

In other (un)exciting news, the Spring IK arrived in my mailbox today and I am extremely disappointed by this issue. I am even thinking of canceling my subscription, because there is nothing in this issue I want to make and there was nothing in the Winter issue either. I admire Eunny's work as a designer, but I am very unimpressed with her editing choices. To do a quick run through the projects:
- Lisa Meyer's legwarmers: look great, probably best pattern in the magazine. I don't do twisted stitches, though.
- assorted spring cardigans and "camp jacket": why are they all in the same color family? And why do they all make the models look pregnant? I am so over the empire waist look, and if I see "dressmaker details" written one more time I am going to scream. If I want dressmaker details I will go to a dressmaker, or I will become one myself. Fussy little button tabs and attached button bands - so much fun to make.
- linen trumpet skirt: nice stuff, but the yarn substitution will be difficult, and I don't think I can afford a $300 skirt yet.
- children's dress: I actually checked if this came in my size, because I like the pattern. I'd probably get bored with all the stockinette in my size, though. It's nice to see cute children's patterns, though, especially if they are not for babies.
- banded peasant blouse: I like this, but how on earth does it stay up on the shoulders?
- dovetail pullover - nice and classic, but doesn't quite jump out at me.
- random lace stoles: I am not impressed either and have no desire to knit miles and miles of a small pattern (bleeding hearts) or a random assorted of extra-precious patterns (cobweb lace). I've always found M. Rose Orne's designs too pretentious and ornate for my taste.
- twisted tulip socks: for all I know, these might be the same pattern as the green cabled socks from last issue, because the cables were impossible to see on those. Ok, so they are socks with a cable and some eyelets. Big deal.
- the vest: I'll just shut up about this one. My boobs are obvious enough, thank you.
- staff projects: cute, but what's up with the delayed release dates?

So, yeah. What's up with this magazine? Am I getting too jaded? Have I seen too many patterns online and in books to be impressed with a magazine?