Sunday, January 13, 2008


The camera and the photographer are back, so here are the long-awaited pictures of Venezia and the table runner:

I love the fitted curve of the back:

There is a lot of finishing in this sweater, but it's very Zen to see the chaos of steeks calmed and transformed into the order of the folded neck band. I learned so much from working on this sweater, and I look forward to making more colorful sweaters like it.

Scary moments: As I was cleaning up the neck band I realized that I had dropped the middle stitch of the back, quite a few rows down. Somehow, however, the stitch wasn't completely lost, just... hanging in mid-air; there was a corresponding stitch on the row above. Thank the gods of knitting for sticky Shetland yarn! Also, you notice that the color bands on the sleeves match the color bands on the body. Well, I was sewing in the second sleeve when I came across a band that DID NOT match: the background color was wrong! I am normally not too fussy about small mistakes, but this was a huge mistake, so I had to cut the top of the sleeve, frog until the correct rows, pick up stitches and redo the top. Please remember that at this point the steeks had already been cut. Again, this would have sucked in non-Shetland wool.

The sweater is exciting, but not nearly as exciting as the Kaffe-inspired, Yarnplay-inspired table runner:

(pic here)

Right? Oh shoot, I forgot to take a picture of the table runner.