Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cable-down raglan progress

The raglan is going well; that is, I reached a milestone and I am quite happy with how the sweater is turning out:

The details can be found on the page of the knit-along, but I would like to repost the picture of the beautiful waist cables:

After this, I am having a difficult time deciding what kind of knitter I am going to be. There are people in my knitting group who love to make lace, and they make mostly lace. There are sock people, who make socks and socks and socks. Out there in the blogosphere there are Fair Isle people, texture people, lace people, sock people... and I've loved all of these techniques so far! Perhaps I'm not so big on the lace shawls, but it's difficult to say from just one project. I have fallen in love with colorwork because of the Caspian sea socks, but this might be just a phase...

Quietly, almost unnoticed (except by my extatic self and J's feet), the Jaywalkers have been finished. Nice pattern, but I think I have had enough of it. It's not worth posting any pictures, there are about a million of them on other sites.