Saturday, March 31, 2007


What should one do with four projects on the needles, one of which is 10 rows away from being done?? Cast on for something else, of course!

I WILL make a gorgeous tailored cardigan out of Peace Fleece, probably using the Georgia Rose color (but all their colors are gorgeous!). However, I am still designing the said cardigan, and the technical details like collar or armscythes are not quite ready yet; and I am not quite ready for these details. So until then, I am putting my two skeins of Peace Fleece Worsted to good use.

This is Elsebeth Lavold's "Fafner" pillow from "Viking Patterns for Knitting". It is a cute sampler of her trademark cables, a dragon head that is knit separately (you put 4 stitches on a holder, finish the square, then go back and make a dragon head out those 4 stitches). The blue border has more cables; you turn the corner using short rows and the pattern magically works out. Well, not magically. Lavold is a very talented designer... Her patterns are good and somewhat challenging. She holds your hand at some key points, but also leaves some issues for you to figure out; definitely a "thinking pattern", which is exactly why I started knitting this. It should make a great pillow.