Thursday, March 8, 2007

Me so smart

Gauss would have been so proud of me today.

Sitting at B&N, browsing the knitting books (because browsing is cheaper than buying), I came across Twinkle's Big City Knits. The book has been trashed before by other people, so I won't go there. Let me just say that I am young and urban, so the fact that I did not like the designs can only mean... that I am not hip enough.

I may not be hip, but I figured something out. Some of the patterns read as follows. Sleeves: cast on 17 stitches... blabla. Body: cast on 72 stitches, join for working in the round... blabla (the body is worked from the bottom up, so 72 stitches are not for the neck!). That's how thick the yarn is supposed to be; the needles are 17's and 19's, and the yarn must be about 1cm thick. Now, with such thick yarn, I don't see how the garment can be thinner than 1cm. Thus, wearing such a garment adds at least 1cm around your body. Times 2 Pi, we find that wearing such a garment increases the wearer's circumference by at least 6.2cm, or more than 2 inches.

And the moment of brilliance: of course the patterns are written for toothpick sizes. What normal woman would want to make something that adds more than 2 inches to her circumference, even if the said something takes an hour to make? (I didn't bother to read the full instructions, but I don't think any of the garments had more than 20 rows or so)

Don't buy the book. Don't waste your money. If you are that thin, surely you must be starving. Go buy yourself a nice croissant and some chocolate.

On a different note, the Peace fleece package came in the mail today. Georgia Rose is as beautiful as it looks in the picture. I see a cardigan in the future.