Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Gauss would have been so proud of me and I am almost proud of myself, too. Here is my first-every attempt at Fair Isle knitting. Can you spot the mistake ?!

Now, I know the colors look awful together, and the swatch is being frogged as we speak (note to self: Fair Isle, or even pretend Fair Isle like mine, is hard to frog). But they are the only two yarns of the same weight I have in my stash, and who cares - I knew the swatch would be ugly to begin with. On the other hand, I didn't screw up the tension too much, and I think I could get the hang of this with some more practice.

I bet you want to see the back as well:

Of course, there is an ulterior motive for all this mess. Who could resist a beautiful pattern involving three major techniques I've never tried before? I give you... the Caspian Sea socks. Middle-Eastern wrap for toes, color work (I already have a plan for cheating on the small color patches by doing duplicate stitch) and after-thought heels. Oh, and color work that goes on through the heels. The yarn is on its way. It should be fun.