Friday, March 30, 2007

Random thoughts

"secret pal" packages that cost piles of money: who does them? Why spend money on a person you've never met and who is not in desperate need of shelter, food, water or clothing? (hand-knit socks are nice, but not exactly essential for life in the Western world) I just don't get it.

Since we're on the pissed off subject: blog rings! Why the hell do they exist if they are not maintained? If half of the blogs in a ring haven't published anything since august 2006, how about kicking them out to make room for other people? Or how about posting a note saying that the ring is currently closed? This is annoying. Thus I am removing myself from the two rings that haven't bothered to add me in... oh, two weeks. Two weeks is forever in some circles.

On a different note, I've given in to the Koigu craze:

As I was returning the third skein of Lorna's Laces worsted yesterday (the only one that was virtually untouched) I decided to try this much-admired yarn. The pattern is "Embossed Leaves" from "Favorite Socks", and so far it has been pleasant and fairly quick to knit. But Lorna's Laces was the same, nice and pretty until I started wearing the socks (see Roza's socks posts). I have to admit it hasn't felted more after the first day or so, but still.